September 15, 2014
Aljazeera Vs

No matter what organization the most important international news topic to hit the stands this week is the possible threat known as the Islamic State and the specific terrorist group, I.S.I.S. While the site for news giant CNN is covered in stories talking about the hostages, executions and what this means for President Barak Obama, the international news channel Aljazeera is talking more about the organization itself. CNN is covering the western side of the story, and spending time covering the reactions of politicians and even the hostage’s families. The site is dedicated time to breaking down the president’s plan of action, and the possible identity of the man being used as a spokesmen for I.S.I.S., while only glossing over the organization itself. Aljazeera has spent the last week dissecting the different strategies of this new terrorist organization; featuring such stories as the groups in the Philippines who are pledging their allegiance to them, and what effect the organization will have on nonwestern countries. Aljazeera advertises itself has entirely fact based news, and it goes above and beyond with these stories, spending only a tiny bit of its time of political opinions and useless commentary that is seen on other news channels.

The CNN site’s international section seems to focus mainly on issues that will affect the western reader, sprinkled in with more shocking and attention grabbing titles such as “Wife watches husband get eaten by a shark.” Aljazeera on the other hand focuses on stories from around the world even though they are primarily watched in the non-western world. The channel bounces back from talking about Scotland, to the USA, to Gaza while never worrying about bothering their viewers. CNN does report on the world, but seems to consistently bring it back to why the information is important to their American readers. 

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